About Us

Tan Sin started by Miss Janjira Tisamee, she is a marketing manager at the rezoda Leather Co., Ltd. this company is a manufacturer and exporter of leather that make her Talented and knowledgeable in the leather business as well. Later in 2007, she was resigned to doing the business of manufacturing and exporting leather. Tansin has established on March 23, 2007.

Tan Sin Co., Ltd. is a business of Manufactured and Distributed leather from the leather of various kinds such as finished leather, pig leather, goat leather, crocodile leather, and quality leather products such as handbags, shoes, clothing, sports equipment So it make the distibuter confidance to Tansin for produce the products in OEM and ODM forms, which has produced quality products to international standards with a professional team that has preciosity,intention and attention in the production of all products it make customers appreciate our products consistently.

Throughout the ten years, Tan Sin is a manufacturer and distributor of leather products that succeed in the tanning business quite quickly. With the trust and acceptance of the customers award to Tan Sin.

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