“We offer a diverse many of skin featuring finishes such as Siamese Crocodile ,Saltwater Crocodile Nile Crocodile,Caiman  and other specialty options for an exceptional selection.”

Range of

Our Skins


  • Luxury
  • High-end brand
  • Shiny and glossy
  • Valuable
  • Avoid moisture
  • Sensitive damage
  • Hard texture

Polished finishing

  • Standard leather
  • Commonly applied to products
  • Easy care
  • Adjustable softness


  • High technique
  • Feels like suede
  • Avoid moisture
  • High care
  • Adjustable softness

And more  in many varieties colors



  • The foundation for finishing
  • Adjustable softness

Metallic finishing

  • Spray metallic
  • Sparkle
  • Nesh crocodile leather
  • Sensitive to moisture
  • Adjustable softness

Special customize finishing

  • Special technique
  • Present skin details
  • Selected grade
  • Please include a style.
  • Adjustable softness

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